Taste Taiwan: A Culinary Tour

We’re happy to share a one-off program we completed at the end of the year for Myriad Marketing and the Taiwan Tourist Board.


Three chefs from North America visited the beautiful island of Taiwan to discover the country’s exquisite culinary highlights. Chef Anthony Jacquet of The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge in Los Angeles, Chef Jared Case of Park Grill in Chicago, and Chef Stuart Cameron of The Icon Legacy Hospitality in Toronto, explored Taiwan’s best fine dining restaurants, fresh produce markets, night markets, and oyster farms.

Follow the three chefs as they taste local specialties, learn Taiwanese cooking techniques and exotic ingredients, and undergo the ultimate challenge of creating a unique dish inspired by their experience in Taiwan.


Exec-Producer – Richard Bangs, Al Merschen
Director – Didrik Johnck
Producer – Yalun Ho
Host – Elliot Allen
Chefs – Stuart Cameron, Jared Case,  Anthony Jacquet
Director of Photography – Kristian Dane Lawing
Writers – Richard Bangs, Al Merschen
Sound – Tim Coston
Editor – Margaret Andres
2nd Unit Camera – Ashley Mordipour
Associate Producer – Lawrence Chiang
Photographer – Elton….
Map Illustrations – Mad Bird Design/Patrick Neary
Motion Graphics – Taylor Peck


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