Warriors to Summits 2016

It’s more than just climbing mountains (some of them quite big actually).  The No Barriers Warriors program puts veterans in mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging wilderness events. Veterans are encouraged to reflect on their past experiences, recognize their present situations, and explore future possibilities – reminding them that what’s within them is stronger than what’s in front of them.


Clients/Stakeholders:  No Barriers, Wells Fargo, Stone Ward
Goals: Document a season of wilderness and mountain expeditions around the country and produce a suite of media assets centered around video and photography.  We produced over a dozen finished videos which raised awareness of the program, connected sponsors and fans to the program in a visceral way, and honored the participants and challenges they went through. The photography was used in print and web campaigns across the country. We produced and delivered content live from the field using satellite technology.


It boils down to doing more with less (it’s our speciality).
Location: Colorado Rocky Mountains, New Mexico Gila Wilderness
Duration: over 30-days, off-the-grid, split into 4 chunks
Electrical Outlets: None
Shelter: Tents or nothing
Heat Source: Rubbing hands together vigorously (and a sleeping bag and proper clothing)
Transportation Methods: Feet, Backpacks, and Ropes
Preferred Restaurants: Our own damn hands and whisperlite.
Camera Equipment: Panasonic GH4, Sony a6300, Sony A7s, GoPro’s, DJI Osmo, iPhone’s
Comms Equipment: Wideye satellite terminal, Iridium Explorer
Power Equipment: One word: GoalZero.

Many of our film or video projects with live action filming in the field are supported with hotels, craft services, people and vehicles to carry stuff, and much more. This project, however, harkens back to our DIY roots as dirt bag climbers and river rafters. And WE LOVE THAT!  It’s about engaging a level of team work with not only the crew, but also the participants and expedition leaders. Once that groundwork is laid, then the magic happens almost on it’s own.


Eric Donoho about 50 feet below the 14,157 foot summit of Mt. Sneffles. #warriorstrong #wellsfargo

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